Win Bigly

Scott Adams


  • Humans are hardwired to reciprocate favors. If you want someone’s cooperation in the future, do something for that person today.
  • The things that you think about the most will irrationally rise in importance in your mind.
  • human brains are moist computers that can be reprogrammed if you know where the user interface is.
  • The Persuasion Filter’s view of the world is that we’re irrational 90 percent of the time.
  • When you experience cognitive dissonance, you spontaneously generate a hallucination that becomes your new reality.
  • When people have facts and reasons in their armory, they use them first. When they run out of rational arguments, they attack the messenger. That is the equivalent of throwing the gun at the monster after you run out of bullets.
  • Display confidence (either real or faked) to improve your persuasiveness. You have to believe yourself, or at least appear as if you do, in order to get anyone else to believe.
  • When you associate any two ideas or images, people’s emotional reaction to them will start to merge over time.

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