How to Get Paid in Bitcoin

Invest in Bitcoin with every paycheck, even if you are paid in dollars

More than 20% of all dollars ever printed were created in 2020. As a result, many investors have chosen to store their wealth in Bitcoin, a truly scarce asset. But what is the best way to invest in Bitcoin? One great way is to start earning your paycheck (or a portion of it) in Bitcoin.

What if your company doesn’t give you the option to be paid in Bitcoin? No problem. There is now a way to receive your paycheck in Bitcoin, with no action needed from your employer.

How to Get Paid in Bitcoin

The best way to get your paycheck quickly into Bitcoin while minimizing fees is by using the innovative Bitcoin payments app called Strike. Strike allows you to setup direct deposit into their app, and will immediately convert your paycheck into Bitcoin.

Strike announced this feature in partnership with NFL player Russell Okung who famously tweeted, “Pay me in Bitcoin.”

You can sign up for Strike here and earn a $5 signup bonus.

Honorable Mentions

Cash App now supports direct deposits and Bitcoin trading. This is another great option if you are already a Cash App user, though you will pay a higher cost for Bitcoin trades than in LVL.

Bitwage is a company that enables you to have your direct deposit automatically converted into Bitcoin. The service seems to work as advertised, but I found their website overly complicated, and it has more fees than LVL.


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