Five Simple Ways To 'Spring Clean' Your Business - Guest Article on

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Take A Break

Isaac Lien, head of product and co-founder of senior citizen tablet company GrandPad, finds that stepping back to evaluate his business operations is as simple as getting out of the office.

“This could mean going back home for the holidays, going on a camping trip or taking a vacation. The key is being outside of the ‘work’ context both mentally and geographically. I find that when I return to the office, I'm able to approach the business with a fresher perspective.”

Lien also likes to analyze his year using the 80/20 principle, a technique endorsed by entrepreneur Tim Ferriss. It states that 20% of your actions, products, or services will dictate 80% of your results.

“I look through my calendar for the past year and jot down notes on my general activity. I categorize activities as productive or nonproductive, then use this data to create a list of activities I want to eliminate from my schedule going forward. Of course, l never intentionally do unproductive work, but looking back over the year, it's easier to see what uses of time really were needle movers in the long run.”

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